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I’m an artist who creates paintings & drawings of places and people. Exploring nature, memory, and identity I use personal experiences and oral stories passed down from my family to create a narrative within my work. The process involves layering transparent colors & images on top of one another, pulling and pushing the paint as it flows and letting the image immerge from the canvas through an automatism process. The delicate use of the paint applied to the surface is influenced by Chinese and Japanese watercolor/ink paintings in which I incorporate the same meditative process. Using elements of line, color, and space I create a sense of rhythm or motion that directs the viewer's eyes throughout the piece, enveloping their field of vision in atmospheric scenes that bring the viewer into a different world. Placing these ghostly figures within these scenes to emphasize the notion of a fading memory, capturing the ephemeral experience in life that slowly fades away as we move past that moment, the many layers embody the notion of the physical and spiritual. My style and subject matter are focused on Mexican culture and inspired by the Mexican Muralists.  Other contemporary artists that have influenced me with their use of color, value, and application of paint are Peter Doig, Anthony Cudahy, and Naudline Cluvie Pierre.  

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